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15th Feb 2014

Following Traffic Rules

Dear Parents,

On the day after Grandparents’ Day we received a couple of phone calls from very irate residents of Sus Road. This is not the first time. We receive these calls from time to time. The callers are angry and just short of abusive.

Why are they angry? It seems that there are some parents who drive on the wrong side of the road while leaving Sus Road. To save a hundred meters of driving they are willing to drive on the wrong side.

Together, you and I, we are supposed to teach the children the correct forms of behaviour. That includes rules of traffic.

The anger of Sus road residents is triggered by the behaviour of a few parents. But all of us, collectively, have to share the blame.

Every morning I see people doing violating traffic rules on Sus Road. I am sure it happens on other roads in Pune too. I get angry and upset and frustrated because there is little I can do.

I am co-opting our children to correct these problems. I don’t know who are the errant drivers, but your children do. If they see you doing wrong they will judge you accordingly.

Therefore I am asking for a few things:

  1. Do not drive on the wrong side of the road in your cars or on two-wheelers. That short-cut is not worth the risk and danger to yourself and others.
  2. Use seat-belts and helmets and teach your child to do so. Over the past few years accidents have claimed the lives of two of our alumni. Two of our teachers lost their husbands and many others have been lucky to escape with minor injuries. Tragedy is a monster waiting in the wings. We have to adopt safety norms.
  3. Teach children about safety on the school bus – while getting on, while travelling and while getting off. Talk about it every day. Ask your child whether she/he behaved correctly. Show your concern and ask for good behaviour every day.
  4. Park sensibly when you come for school functions or when you come to drop your child to the bus in the morning or for excursions. I am sometimes appalled at what I see: cars stopped or parked with very little regard to safety or the convenience of other users of the road. Cars parked three abreast not OK even for a few moments.

I need you take this message in a positive way and instill great value for safety in your child. Obviously that a matter of utmost importance to all of us.

Nalini Sengupta



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